A brand new year; A brand new You! - Hair Detox!

A brand new year; A brand new You! - Hair Detox!

We’re strong believers in self-detox! 

February is our starting point. So, for our 1st detoxifying challenge milestone; we will take you through hair care and hair detoxification!

What we are challenging you to do is a lifestyle change, & You can do it!

1-  Hair care is not just about what you apply to your hair or your scalp!

It is about what you eat and how much water you drink. First you need to make sure that you are eating enough fish for phosphorus and omega 3, for the shine and the health of your hair.

Yogurt is also good for hair growth, along with spinach and guava for hair strength and breakage.  

 After following a beneficial diet focusing on greens, proteins and good vitamin b sources, we need to make sure that we drink enough water. Water is as essential to the health of our hair as it is to the rest of the body. It is the key ingredient that takes all the vitamins you consume and deliver it to your hair along with the rest of your body. It also retains hydration which promotes growth and strength.

Now after we fix our insides, it’s time for step 2!

2- Take a look at what we do on the outside! Look at the labels of your hair products and see how much chemicals it contains.

It can damage your hair more than you can realize! Alcohol promotes dryness, silicone encases the hair and prevents it from absorbing benefits from any products, sulfate strips the natural oils of your hair along with dirt, which leaves our hair dry, irritated, more prone to have dandruffs and frail. 

Step 3, Restock!

Raw African got you a full organic hair routine!

For that routine you will need:

Raw African Follicle Booster Spray.

Raw African Shea Mask/Maya Avocado Mask. (According to your hair porosity)

Raw African Argan Shampoo and Conditioner.

Raw African Shea/Maya leave - in for styling.

Routine is applied twice a week:

1- Apply Raw African Follicle Booster on a dry scalp, to stimulate your follicles, thicken your hair, & prevent hair loss.

2- Apply your chosen Mask on your hair, fix your hair into a bun and wear a cap. Leave it for 2 hours. 

3- Shower using the Argan Shampoo and Conditioner

4- Style your hair with the leave-in of your choice. And voila, strong and shiny chemical free hair!

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I would like to try your products is it available on iHerb app!?
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