A brand new year, a brand new you! - How to efficiently get rid of strawberry legs!

A brand new year, a brand new you! - How to efficiently get rid of strawberry legs!

Strawberry legs are a widespread issue with most women. God knows how annoying it can be! It can ruin a perfect outfit or lower your self esteem, it can turn into a nightmare of cuts and infections especially if you shave or at the beach. 

The one off solution for it to be honest is laser hair removal. As it is a condition that happens when your hair grows inwards instead of growing outwards. It does not penetrate the skin and grows invertedly instead. So to permanently get rid of it you need to destroy the hair follicle itself to stop its ability to grow either outwards or inwards.

But if you’re not a laser girl, there are solutions to reduce the case and make it very less visible. First you need to make sure you wax your hair instead of shaving, because shaving is one of the reasons why this happens. When you cut yourself shaving, the cut forms a crust that clogs your pores and leaves no room for the hair to grow on the surface. 

Also one of the reasons is the dead skin cells and how it also clogs the pores and stops the hair from growing normally. This requires you to exfoliate your legs on a regular basis to unclog your pores and remove the dead skin cells. A good idea also is to use rose water or aloe vera gel on your legs after showering as you do toner to your face.

The last solution that we can do is to moisturize your legs daily. As the hairs might be so fine that it can’t push through dry and dehydrated skin. 

So to efficiently work on that issue we need to have ourselves a leg routine. And for that we will need:

  1. Raw African’s Aloe vera gel.
  2. Raw African’s Raw Ivory Shea Butter.
  3. Raw African’s Coconut oil.
  4. Your choice of Raw African’s exfoliators.
  5. Raw African’s charcoal soap.
  6. Your choice of Raw African’s body lotion.

First, you need to take a shower and thoroughly exfoliate your legs to help the hair out of those clogged pores. Then you need to wax. Third, wash your legs with our charcoal soap to clean your pores. And apply the aloe vera gel after your pat your legs dry. Wait for a minute then apply your choice of the shea butter or the coconut oil to deeply moisturize your skin. Then before bed make sure to apply your favorite choice of body lotion.

Repeat all the steps daily except the waxing and the exfoliating. Exfoliate twice a week and wax once or twice a month as you need. Enjoy your time and stay tuned for more beauty hacks!

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