A brand new year; A brand new You!

A brand new year; A brand new You!

With each new year beginning, we are always filled with positive vibes and a newly found sense of energy to change for the better. Each new year we start with a new intent and resolution. This year we would like to start 2023 with the intent of being happy, healthy and chemical free. 

Have you ever wondered about all those multisyllabic chemical names on the labels of your shampoo bottles or body lotions?! We tend to assume they are safe enough to put on our bodies but how much do we really know about them or their effects?!

Our bodies absorb chemicals from our daily interactions and accumulate it into our internal organs. They cause us irritability, fatigue, depression, skin aging, microtears, hair damage, & even more serious health problems!

Chemicals like parabens, formaldehyde, coal tar, sulfate, lye…etc, cause damage to our bodies and mental health. 

The everyday struggles with mood swings, energy levels and loss of interest are real! And our choice of cosmetics, body care, & hair care products, highly contributes to the problem.

This year we call to you to start a 12 month challenge of detoxification. We will detox our bodies head to toe from all chemicals!

We will equip you with all the products, routines, & tips to embark on a chemical free journey and reach the balance that you never have to compromise!

This year a brand new you; isn’t just on the outside but also on the inside, we will not only detox our bodies from chemicals, we will also detox our souls from heaviness and our minds from clutter! 

We will shine this year brighter, because we won’t just shine, we’ll glow!

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