The Ladies behind a Dynasty! A success story that goes beyond logic!

The Ladies behind a Dynasty! A success story that goes beyond logic!

Ever wondered how a group of women can do so much with so little? This is how the Raw African story began. 4 women with raw shea butter as their 1st product achieved so many in just 5 years. They started raw, with Raw African as their brand name, they sold their eco-friendly chemical free products to their family and friends, until they decided that the world needs what they have to give. In 2017, they started taking courses on how to formulate and reach the perfect organic and clean formulas for the Egyptian hair and skin, and in 2018, they started selling their products, in 2019, they got the ministry of health license and in 2021, they opened 3 branches around Egypt.

As members of one family, a mother and her daughters, the project was so private that they started with just 500 pounds. They all came together for the brand from different backgrounds. Yasmine is from banking and financial background, Dalia is from teaching and financial backgrounds too, Nehad and Dina were homemakers. They were responsible for everything: the packaging, marketing, and sourcing their products. They managed to hold on and grow their business despite all the hardships.

The idea of selling their products emerged when they noticed how the different ready made products didn’t help much with their children’s curly hair, so they started with the shea butter mask to help their daughters, then they made the maya mask for dina’s daughter maya that shea didn’t work well with her hair. It was when they realized they were gifted. They kept working on their formulas until they managed to master formulations that helps take care of their children’s hair and boost their skin. Then they started making hair strengthening and anti-fall products like the natural oils they sell and their bestseller follicle booster. The inspiration for the booster came after Yasmine suffered from hair fall during her pregnancy. It worked very well for her and other women who tried it so they made another one for the brows. Their success stems from their ambition and passion.

Looking back at their journey, we realize that all it takes is passion, ambition, and the ability to grow and develop. From just one product to a wide range of green hair and skin care products that include scrubs, lotions, serum, and creams, it must have needed a huge support system. That was what their partners offered, huge support and help to get things up and going. therefore they support women as much as they were supported. Most of whom they work with are women; they make their products for women and to ease women’s lives all around the world. They started in Egypt, and soon enough their products will be shipped worldwide. So, every time you feel like you won’t be able to make it or feel frustrated from your own journey, just remember how a bunch of women managed to own one of the most successful businesses in Egypt. 



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