You Matter! - Breathing techniques to Remain Calm!

You Matter! - Breathing techniques to Remain Calm!

The way to overcome sadness and anger that stems from a past traumatic experience isn’t always laid with roses. You need to stay mindful of your present moment. However, staying mindful is not always easy with all the heavy memories and all the sadness. Anger can also blind you from your present, and keep you locked in a hurtful bad memory from the past. 

To be able to overcome the sad angry moments, we recommend some grounding techniques that have been certified by therapists. It will keep you engaged in the present moment and keep you from wandering off with your sad memories. 

The 1st technique is the breathing technique of 3,1,4. 

Take a deep breath in 3 seconds, hold it for a second, then release in 4 seconds. 

That technique can help your heart rate to get back to its normal rate and stop racing, which would send a message to your brain that you are safe. That would activate the calming hormones and chemicals in your brain and you’ll feel actually calmer in 3 or 4 rounds. 

The 2nd breathing technique we have today is the humming technique. 

Take a deep breath through your nose, then let it out through your mouth as you hum loudly (say: hummmmmmmmm). 

This humming sound will cause your vocal cords to vibrate which will cause a vibration in your chest that will massage the part of the vagus nerve in your chest, it will help you relax and your breathing and heart rate will come to normal. That will send a message to your brain that you are safe, and will render you a lot calmer in 3 or 4 rounds. 

These are 2 important and easy techniques that will help you tolerate your distress and may help get you out of a panic attack or help you collect your thoughts and ideas not to wander into old uneasy memories. 

Breathing techniques are key to staying mindful. It keeps you here and now, and this is exactly our goal. 

After you successfully apply the technique, treat yourself to a nice body lotion session to nourish your skin and enjoy the wonderful results of selfcare!

Stay tuned for more techniques that would definitely help you.

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