A brand New Year, A brand New You! - Face Detox!

A brand New Year, A brand New You! - Face Detox!

Hair detox is over...now it’s time for a skin detox!

Detoxifying your skin -just as any other part of your body- is all about changing your eating habits.

 Follow a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and vitamin E for a supple strong skin. Not to mention the importance of water…it keeps your skin well hydrated and radiant.

Now it’s time for the Raw African customized skin care routine, that is made just for you!

Step one: As a cleanser, use our chamomile soap for a Cleansed skin, tea tree if you’re acne prone or our latest Clean That Skin cleanser. Use it to thoroughly cleanse your face and neck. Use a silicon gentle cleansing pad. It is good for blood circulation as well as a gentle exfoliation of the skin to make sure that we deep cleansed our pores. 

Step two: pat your skin dry. Make sure to just pat and don’t drag the towel around your face, not just because it is abrasive and may cause micro tears that affect the skin barrier, but also to keep your skin moist for what is coming next…Our Miracle face serum for a hyaluronic acid boost that leaves your skin radiant and supple!

Step three: Apply our aloe vera gel for a collagen boost. Aloe vera gel works to enhance the collagen production which keeps your skin elastic against wrinkling. 

Step four: add a pump or two of our Raw African youth booster Eye Cream to get rid of the puffy under eyes, as well as under eye discoloration. 

That leaves us with our last step: Our youth booster night Facial cream, follow it with a good night sleep and wake up to a silky smooth young skin!

Repeat the above for a consistent night time routine that keeps your skin young and glowing.

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