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Raw African

RawAfrican Urea Heel Cream

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Say goodbye to hopes and wishes for soft heels

RawAfrican Urea Heel Cream is the answer!

Our effective ingredients provide deep hydration and exfoliate dead skin,

While the addition of Urea, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Menthol, Almond oil and Beeswax provide anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and skin softening properties.

Use RawAfrican Urea Heel Cream every night and wear socks to soothe cracked heels,

hydrate rough feet and soften cuticles. Urea Heel Cream is an effective way to care for your feet.

The powerful combination of natural ingredients helps keep skin soft, supple, and healthy.

Plus, regular use helps ease dryness, prevent cracked heels, and keep feet looking and feeling their best.


Shea butter
Cocoa butter
Mentol (gives cold and fresh feel)
Almond oil
Beeswax anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and it softens the skin.
Main ingredients urea: hydration, middle exfoliation for dead skin, helps other ingredients to penetrate the skin for better moisturizing.


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