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Follicle Booster Oil | Growth Beard | Hair Loss | Raw African

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Feed your lazy follicles and stop your hair loss with the best hair growth oil \  beard growth oil in the shortest possible time.

This hair loss treatment is made of 100% natural oils and vitamins to quickly stop hair loss, stimulate hair growth and feed the empty scalp areas.

This product is used for hair growth and beard growth as well, so say goodbye to empty scalp areas, thin hair, hair loss, thin eyebrows, or thin beard with this 100% natural formula that contains the utmost strong type of oils.


Apply daily a moderate amount of the oil on your scalp only, massage for two minutes and leave the oil for two hours while you’re wearing a shower cap on, or just stay under the steam for 30 minutes. Then wash carefully, repeat this twice weekly and enjoy the perfect results in a few days.

This product is free of harsh chemicals, like paraben, sulphate, or mineral oils.

This product was never tested on animals and we don’t also deal with suppliers who test their products on animals.


Mix of natural oils like flaxseed oil, rosemary oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil,


Q1: Suitable for oily scalp?
Answer: Yes, you should apply it from half an hour to one hour, then wash your hair well with a shampoo.

Q2: Do my hair fall once I quite using it?
Answer: No harm, you can stop using it anytime as it’s a natural product, but still, it’s better to stop using it gradually, as it’s as if you were feeding the scalp for a long time with huge amounts of nutrients and then you suddenly stop!

Q3: How long should I apply it on my hair?
Answer: From half an hour to one hour.

Q4: Do I have to wash it later?
Answer: Sure, you should wash it with a shampoo.

Q4: Can I keep it over night? 
Answer: No, the oils shouldn’t be left more than 1 hour on the scalp, so that they don’t plug pores.

Q5: Does it suit all hair types? 
Answer: Yes it does, and those who have oily hair, shouldn’t leave it more than one hour.

Q6: When can I see results?
Answer: It differs from one person to another, but the average duration when you can feel the difference, is between 3 weeks to 3 months.

Q7: Is it safe for kids?
Answer: Yes it’s surely safe.

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