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Clean That Skin! Face Wash

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Natural and mild cleanser with Hyaluronic and glycolic acids formulated to gently cleanse and nourish the skin.

Hyaluronic acid with its two molecular weights (High & Low) penetrates the skin treats fine lines, and locks in moisture and hydration. Glycolic acid helps exfoliate and regenerate new skin and keeps it always glowing and youthful!

Clean That Skin! Face Wash is ideal for all skin types use it daily to help keep the skin looking healthy and vibrant! It is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin as it's enriched with chamomile and Aloe Vedra extract. it also helps to balance the skin’s natural pH levels and can help to reduce inflammation.

This cleanser is free from harsh chemicals and is perfect for those looking for a natural way to cleanse their skin while keeping it moisturized, thanks to the effect of Menthol, Glycerin, polyethylene, and olive Oil.

Our Clean That Skin! Face Wash:

  1. Gently cleanse the skin
  2. Hydrates and moisturizes the skin
  3. Exfoliates and regenerates skin
  4. Leaves your skin fresh


Aqua, dissodium laureth sulfosuccinate, betaine, cocoglucoside, PEG-150 distearate, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, glycerine, olive oil, aloevera, vitamin e, phenoxyethanol


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