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Baby Powder Natural Deodorant

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Smell like babies with Baby Powder Natural Deodorant made of 100% NATURAL ingredients. It’s free of aluminium and harsh chemicals that clog the pores allowing your body to sweat naturally without any bad odour and keeping you fresh and pampered with a pleasant baby powder scent all day long with our Baby Powder Natural Deodorant.


Apply a small amount under your arms 2 minutes before putting on clothes once daily. One application lasts all day.

**Not suitable for extremely sensitive skin.

*This product is free of harsh chemicals like parabens, sulphates or mineral oils. 

*We never test our products on animals and we don’t deal with suppliers who test their products on animals.


Shea butter, coconut oil, natural honey wax, sodium carbonate and aromatic oil.


Q1: What is the size of the deodorant?
Answer: 75 gm.

Q2: Are natural deodorants effective once we start using them and quit other antiperspirants?
Answer: No, they’re a bit not effective at the beginning, as natural deodorants take time until your skin gets used to it, since you have been using un-natural ones for a long time.

Q3: How long does it last?
Answer: From 8 to 10 hours.

Q4: Does it contain aluminum?
Answer: No, it’s aluminum and paraben free.

Q5: How could the deodorant be so effective, despite that it’s free of aluminum?
Answer: As the deodorant has other effective ingredients that are able to let you sweat normally while it still fights bacteria and bad odor without plugging pores.

Q6: Does it suit all skin types?
Answer: Yes, but if you have a sensitive skin, you better test it before using it, as the product has Sodium bicarbonate.

Q7: What are the available scents?
Answer: Lemon, Rose, White Musk and Baby Powder.

Q8: Is it safe for kids?
Answer: Yes, from 7 years and above.

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