Miracle face serum FAQs

Q1: What are the active ingredientes it contains?
Answer: niacina mide, hyaluronic acid.

Q2: How concentrated is the hyaluronic acid in this product?
Answer: 0.1 %.

Q3: How concentrated is the ceramide in this product?
Answer: 0.1%.

Q4: Is it a light weight serum?
Answer: Medium weight, and it is fast absorbent.

Q5: How often should I apply it?
Answer: Twice per day (At morning and at night).

Q6: Can I apply it in the morning?
Answer: Yes, but make sure to add sunscreen on it.

Q7: Is it suitable for all skin types?
Answer: Yes.

Q8: Is it suitable for sensitive skin?
Answer: Yes, as it’s fragrance-free.