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Acne Set

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Regular price LE 325.00 EGP
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Enjoy a discounted price when you order our 100% natural acne set!!

the set includes:

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil.
2. Aloe Vera Gel.
3. Tea Tree Soap.

Our tea tree oil fights infections and clears up acne with its powerful
antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and promotes hair growth when
mixed with carrier oil and rubbed to the scalp and it is perfect for
eliminating dandruff.

Our natural and pure aloe Vera is perfect for skin and hair as it helps
moisturizing dry, itchy and sunburned skin, and helps in having stronger and
shinier hair as well as healthy and dandruff free scalp and it can be used as
a leave I after shower and perfect for curly hair.
Our aloe Vera gel is packed with a huge number of vitamins like A, B1, B2, B3,
B6, C and it is also rich in folic acid. For all skin and hair types.

With our Tea Tree Soap Forget acne and pimples and enjoy a fresh, clean and
clear skin, our tea tree soap is specially formulated for oily acne prone skin
to kill the bact